Comparison between Bali Web Designer and Web Developer

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Do you know Bali Web Design? It is the most wanted and salable web design and development services in Indonesia. They work at designing and developing web in order to create the web to better in every single way. However, do you know the differences between web design and web developer? These days, there are so many people misunderstand and misinterpretation between those two things. In fact, there are a lot of differences between them. Some of people as customers often feel disappointed with the services, but the fact is they misperception with what kind of services that they have chosen. So, it will be better to read a bit description below.

  • Web designer

This kind of service works to make the web to better and more beautiful to visit. Some of the customers have they own theme for their web, and web designer works at making to be better in every way. Some people believe, a good visualization can create a good feeling to the visitors. The designers often use some applications, such as Adobe Photoshop, HTML, Corel Draw, CSS, and JavaScript. They focus on locating and placing some wallpapers, and mix and match several colors to be good to see. This kind of job needs a high creativity and imagination to visualize the request of the customers. As long as they are creative and have a good imagination, and expert in some design’s applications, they can be a good web designer as well.

  • Web developer

In contrast with web designer, web developer uses the left side of brain which is more technical, and uses more logic rather than the previous job. So, it means a specific education and degree are really needed for doing this kind of job. If a designer is aimed to improve the visual of the web, the developer is aimed to improve the system and the use of the web itself. They tend to use Python, PHP, .NET, and C ruby applications as their tools. The work with some codes which can make the web can work better. They also maintain the traffic, or even to increase the visitors to be more than before. The last point of being a web developer is, believe it or not, the range of the salary is much bigger compared to web designers. It is because there are some acknowledges that you will only get from the school for being the second job, while main basic for the first job comes naturally, which creativity in their heads is.

However, there are a lot of discussion which conclude almost the same advantages and disadvantages between these two kinds of jobs. Flexibility is the main advantage that you can get for being web designer and web developer. There is no exact deadline since you can do it wherever and whenever you want. As long as you have laptop or personal computer beside you, you can do both two kinds of jobs. Luckily, now Indonesia has already a professional web designer and developer named Bali Web Design which means you can optimize our local people rather than using some foreigners to do these things.

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